State & Local Tax

We can provide effective and experienced counsel to you regarding the nature and extent of your liability for various kinds of state and local taxes. 

Although the economy is recovering, many state and local tax agencies remain extremely diligent in their efforts to find unreported or under-reported taxes that can be used to fund depleted government programs.  Some auditors openly question past administrative interpretations of the law (including duly adopted regulations), and willingly test the validity of those past practices with tax assessments.  Unfortunately, the tax administrators do not necessarily use that same attentiveness or philosophy to find or grant credits or refunds, leaving taxpayers with questionable assessments.  Compounding the problem are the retiring members of the Baby Boom generation, as these retirements are depleting state and local agencies of their most experienced and knowledgeable staff, thereby leaving less-seasoned auditors to presumably gain that experience from the current pool of taxpayers. 

This approach greatly differs from what was normal in the past; candidly, what we have now is a “new normal.”  Eisenhower Carlson is well positioned to help taxpayers through this new normal.  Its State and Local Tax Practice has the necessary background and experience to help taxpayers navigate through the often confusing, complex, and sometimes irrational world of Washington’s state and the local tax regimes. 

We have experience with all of the major excise taxes, such as the gross receipts (also known as the business and occupations or B&O), sales and use, real estate excise, public utility, property and fuel taxes, as well as experience in industry-discrete taxes such as the hazardous substance, leasehold excise, and tobacco products tax. 

We have helped clients in a variety of industries or activities, including petroleum, heavy and light manufacturing, aircraft leasing, aircraft deliveries, healthcare, publishing, technology, telecommunications, food processing, food distribution, power generation and distribution, transportation, digital automated services, and financial.

If you have a question about whether you are properly reporting taxes, or if you have been contacted by a Washington taxing authority, then let Eisenhower Carlson help and guide you through the process.


Eisenhower attorneys pursue cost-effective means of speedy resolution, including informal negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. If litigation proves unavoidable, we have the years of experience to see the case through to resolution. Our attorneys have proudly represented clients in matters in state and federal court and before various state and federal agencies.

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